provides comprehensive reporting services to Middle Tennessee

“Quality:  Your work demands it . . . Our work reflects it.”

Since 1983, Nashville Court Reporters has provided skilled reporting services to Nashville and Middle Tennessee with a reputation for accuracy, quality, and integrity.  All reporters have achieved Registered Professional Reporters (RPR) certification through testing administered by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) and are licensed pursuant to the Tennessee Court Reporters Act of 2009.  In addition to NCRA membership, all reporters maintain membership in the Tennessee Court Reporters Association (TCRA) and have served in various board and committee positions.  Our reporters are dedicated to continuing education and knowledge in order to guarantee the highest level of performance in the field.

Nashville Court Reporters adheres to the highest standards as set forth by NCRA and is a strong supporter of the NCRA Ethics First program.  We are proud to say we follow the Transcript Formatting Guidelines of the National Court Reporters Association and also the minimum 55 characters per line guideline of the Reporting Uniform Transcript Guidelines of the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting.  In addition, Nashville Court Reporters provides itemized invoices and will go above and beyond to serve your reporting needs in every way.  It is our goal to earn your trust.

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Professional Memberships

All of our reporters are proponents of the Ethics First Program sponsored by NCRA.